Seamless Look of Birdman: How They Did it

Like it, love it or (in a few cases) loathe it, Birdman feels like one of the films that, when we look back years or decades from now, will come to define 2014 at the movies. With some of the best reviews of the year, and one of the best limited releases in recent memory, it […]

Tribeca Film Festival: Identity in Flux

Here’s an interesting article from Variety writer, Peter Debruge, and his take on the direction the Tribeca Film Festival has taken over the years: “Compared to other sprocket operas of its size and stature, the Tribeca Film Festival is still an astonishingly young to-do. Founded in 2002, the event has only just entered its teens, and like […]

Developing The Budget For Your Film

Here’s some advice for you filmmakers out there.  When it comes to creating a budget for your project there are many obstacles you will encounter.  Collecting numbers and figuring out how much things will cost is one thing but in the end your goal is to present a comprehensive business plan that investors will appreciate. […]

The Buzz at SXSW 2014

There was a lot of buzz coming from this year’s SXSW Festival.  With over 130 feature films shown last week it was hard to keep up with all the excitement. So, which were the most talked about?  “The folks from Way to Blue have invested some time and energy into researching the buzz around the […]

The Buzz at Sundance is “A Cinematic Answer to the Year of the Race-Themed Film”

If you haven’t heard the biggest buzz from Sundance this year, allow me to introduce you to an amazing film I can’t wait to get my hands on:  Dear White People. In a sense, Dear White People is a sort of cinematic answer to everything that was 2013. Yes, 2013, the year of so-called “race-themed” films. The […]