Tell Us YOUR Story

Greetings and Salutations, ARCblog Readers!

So for the past several months or so you’ve followed us at various local events around New York City.  You’ve learned about some of the awesome cameras and equipment we have available at Adorama Rentals.  And you’ve gotten a few little history lessons about the film and/or photo industry.  But we at ARC want MORE!

It’s YOUR turn now!

We want to hear your story.  Your experience.  Your take on what makes you the creative person you are.  If you think you have something interesting to share with your fellow readers please go to the link anywhere on this page and submit your story.

We want to hear from Photographers, Filmmakers and ANYONE in the film or photo industry (whether you’ve rented from us or not) with an interesting story, accomplishment, invention or a new take on either of these artistic mediums.

Maybe you are a performance artist that utilizes film and or photography in your latest piece.  Or you are a student working on a thesis that uncovers an interesting innovation about a medium we know and love.   But mainly, we want to hear from YOU, our readers.  What you’re working on, where you’ve been and what is yet to come.

So get noticed and…



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