The Google Glass Photographer

A few weeks ago we posted this clever video on the Adorama Rental Company Facebook Page, a humorous glimpse at what it might be like to be a “Google Glass photographer”:

Well, Richard Koci Hernandez, a photographer and Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley actually got his hands on a Google Glass unit (through Google’s #ifihadglass Twitter contest, and he still had to purchase it). Here he is at Google’s Mountain View HQ, snapping his first selfie:


Glass tethers wirelessly or via bluetooth to your smartphone, which makes it sound like less of a standalone item and more of a peripheral. At the moment, its camera captures 5MP images and 720p video, and Koci likens the heads up display resolution to viewing a 25″ HD screen from 8 feet away. Koci’s unit came with 12GB of usable flash storage (16GB total).

As for taking photos, “There are two ways to shoot,” Koci writes at his blog. “The first option is to click on the shutter release button on the  top frames. This is my preferred way to snap. The second option is to tap the touchpad on the side of the frames and say the words, ‘ok glass’  followed by ‘take a photo’ also, every photograph is followed by an audible beep which both you and anyone within arms length can hear.”

So maybe you’re not standing on the corner blinking madly like an idiot. Still, there is no live preview and no focus or exposure controls, though Koci suggests that something might be implemented with the touchpad on the side of the frames.

And the photos he’s getting right out of the camera are pretty nice:




In fielding questions on his blog, Koci stresses that he’s using a beta version of Glass so while its results impress for the time being it’s still probably not ready for prime time professional use, with the lack of manual control and slow shutter speed being the biggest technical drawbacks so far.

Check out Koci’s blog for more photos and insights. He’s even opened an Instagram account for his street photography.


[all photos via Richard Koci Hernandez]

[via PetaPixel]

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