We Got Our Hands on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera!

The wait is over, folks!  If you’ve ordered a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera it should be delivered to your door in approximately 3-4 weeks, says DPReview.  This long-anticipated item has recently been tested by the likes of Diamond brothers, Josh and Jason; Cinematographer, John Brawley, and  of course Adorama Rental Company!


We were all very excited when it arrived.  Everyone wanted a chance to play with this very awesome new toy*.  From what I saw of the test footage we shot over the weekend, this thing puts out some pretty amazing images.  We’ll have clips of that footage for you soon, complete with commentary.

We even included it in our film shoot yesterday for our upcoming series of educational videos, soon to be posted monthly on Vimeo and here on ARCblog.  So, please look out for those posts soon.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera will be available for rental at Adorama Rental Co. as soon as they arrive.



*Digital equipment and gear are NOT toys, children.

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